Sean O’Flaherty


Name of business:

When established:
45 years ago

Position there:
Owner / Director

Number of employees:

What was your first job?
Trust administrator at Ernst & Young

Your first break in business?
Deciding to set up my own accountancy practice in 2004.

What could the States do to help businesses?
The administrative burden for local businesses has increased significantly in recent years; consider ITIS, GST, Social Security changes, implementation and subsequent changes of Zero Ten etc. Continued improvement and consolidation in terms of the information required and its submission to the States’ departments would benefit every local business.

Advice to anyone setting up in business?
Whatever business you want to set up, make sure it is something that you love to do. To coin a phrase “your passion is your purpose”.

Best thing about being in business in Jersey?
Dealing with local business people and helping to make a difference.

And the most frustrating?
I like being involved with a business from the outset. Sometimes businesses do not involve accountants at the start and this can lead to missed opportunities, problems with relevant licenses, bookkeeping / admin backlogs and structure. If you don’t like doing it then pass it on to a trusted advisor to look after it for you.

A wife and a cat. Possibly another on the way (a cat that is).

Hobbies/interests outside work?
Keeping fit, playing hockey and the guitar.

Favourite way to unwind after a hard day at work?
Spending time with my wife, perhaps watching a bit of TV or playing the guitar.