What services/products does your business provide?

Our business offers more than just conventional accounting services, we provide optimal solutions that enable businesses and individuals to become more profitable with our broad range of services.

What are the core objectives/principles that underpin your business?

Whatever the requirement, Rosscot’s culture is to always be approachable and helpful, with Directors going out of their way to make themselves available in and out of hours, ably supported by a loyal and committed team.

We have three core principles; retain independency, deliver a current approach and concentrate on the relationship with clients.

  • Independency affords us the flexibility to provide solutions where others fall by the wayside.
  • Our current approach allows us to address the conventional with more innovative and cost-effective solutions.
  • The importance of client relationship is never lost and we work around their schedule

What is your aim/vision for the business? What is the next step?

As more and more accounting services have become automated, businesses are looking to us to offer a more strategic service across the board and technology has enabled us to be of huge strategic value at a cost-effective price. We are already seeing a huge rise in the adoption of Cloud Accounting and the Virtual Finance Director.

What do you like about being engaged in business in Jersey?

Dealing with local business people and helping to make a difference.

What is the greatest challenge faced by businesses based in Jersey?

The most common mistakes tend to be non-completion of required licenses, incorrect applications to authorities, failing to register for GST in time and record keeping. We can help with all of this allowing the client to concentrate on what they do best.