seanWhat are you most proud of at work?
Without question, our team here at Rosscot. They are our most valuable asset bar none. To be successful every company needs to have a good team in place to support the directors and to provide a personal, professional and quality service to their clients.

What keeps you up at night?
When you are out of the office your mind switches off and relaxes and it’s then that I find the best ideas are born and solutions to problems become apparent. Just remember to write them down so you don’t forget. Apart from that, not much really, except for the odd episode of Homeland perhaps!

What piece of advice do you find yourself giving most often?
Keep up-to-date with your paperwork and accounts. It’s easy to fall behind but it gets harder and harder to catch up the longer you leave it. I’ve seen clients get into great difficulty simply because they are disorganised and “file” paperwork for another day.

If you had £1 for (What?) you would be a millionaire?
For every time I’ve suggested to clients that they need to make sure they get advice from day one (or earlier). Many start-ups worry about the cost of using professionals to help with their first foray into business; especially if they are on a tight budget. In today’s world there are many considerations when setting up a business, numerous applications to submit, laws to comply with, not to mention making a business profitable. I’ve seen on countless occasions both sides of the coin. Those setting themselves up with professional assistance from the get go, and those seeking help to remedy what they should have done weeks or months earlier. It is far more cost effective to seek professional assistance early on rather than just trying to wing it.

To be Sean you would need to……?
Be driven, positive, patient and respectful. All mixed in with a light(ish) dusting of humour!